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Create your platform, with your look and feel, design your process, and select the most appropriate tools from our research-based innovation suite of tools. Onboard your mentors and startup teams. We help you stay on top of everything with a centralized overview dashboard and with intuitive analytics.


  • White-labeled platform
  • Intuitive program setup
  • Easy group creation
  • Quick mentor and user onboarding
  • Program analytics
  • Blended-learning 
  • Blended-mentoring
  • Latest research-based innovation tools

For acceleration managers

“Bizzmoo is great for coaching and managing different startup teams. As a startup acceleration manager, the backend of Bizzmoo allows me to see the progress of teams in real-time, give immediate feedback on the fly, and get manageable access to the output of the teams. This is streamlining my process tremendously and allows us to focus on our core value-added – coaching – instead of spending hours on administration.”
– Filipe Estrela, Acceleration Manager at Fábrica de Startups

For mentors, it is important to enjoy a streamlined process to creating and managing acceleration programs that frees them to have more time to focus on what really matters – just-in-time constructive and insightful feedback for nearly every task. To this purpose, Bizzmoo is offering:

  • Progress overview, for a real-time centralized overview of all startup teams’ progress.
  • Evaluation and feedback, supporting startup teams with task-specific evaluation and insightful feedback.
  • Tag-team management, allowing multiple mentors to share the mentoring space and co-mentor different projects.

For startup teams

For entrepreneurs, it is important to have a digital project space where they can clearly understand the goal and focus of each step, and organize their submitted and improved tasks. To this purpose, Bizzmoo is offering:

  • Collaborative team work environment, enabling multiple members to work remotely and simultaneously on their project.
  • Intelligent business model canvas with integrated cash flow calculator, for on-the-fly cash flow analysis.
  • AI-based ecosystem benchmarking, leveraging a global database of thousands of companies to automatically evaluate a business model’s competitive ecosystem.
“We have done other accelerator programs in the United Kingdom and in Austria and I think that this one [Discoveries] is very well done, particularly due to the supportive digital platform provided by Bizzmoo. I found the use of this digital platform very important because it really helped us to complete each task and each step in a structured and cohesive way. Honestly, I believe that this is a great system which all accelerators should consider integrating.”
– Fábio Bufalini, Founder and CEO of

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