Manage your innovation programs with one powerful solution

Bizzmoo offers a white-label learning and program management platform, plus a suite of tools for innovation, including the business model canvas, pitch deck creator, and a knowledge hub.

Program Management & Learning Platform

Bizzmoo is designed from program managers for program managers. Our goal was to develop a platform that minimizes admin work and maximizes engagement. This is why in Bizzmoo setting up and managing a program is super easy.

Here are some of the features that we love:

  • Modular program design: you can use default processes, create your own processes and easily copy them
  • No more email flood: all messaging and files are centrally managed in Bizzmoo
  • Smooth onboarding via token or email invite
  • Slack-like message board to keep an overview and engage super fast
  • Program analytics: keep an overview of the progress and engagement
  • Multiple-languages are supported: we understand the importance of local responsiveness
  • And a lot more.

Want to learn more? Try Bizzmoo for free (with the full functionality, no credit card required) or schedule a call with us. We are happy to hear from you!

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How Bizzmoo works

Innovation Tools

Business Model Database

Explore 350+ business model patterns organized into 5 Pattern Packs. A pattern-based approach to business model innovation is like developing your idea with Legos; it helps to enhance creativity and makes the business model development process go much faster and easier.

Ecosystem Radar

Who are the most relevant companies in your ecosystem? The Ecosystem Radar is a bet version AI-powered tool that allows you to quickly compare your business model with thousands of existing companies who operate a similar business model to yours.

Cash Flow Calculator

It is important that your business model is financially viable. With the cash flow calculator, you can add to each element in the business model cash inflows (money received) and outflows (money spent). In the end, you get a cash flow table that is exportable into Excel and a visual representation to identify potential cash needs.

Pitch Deck Creator

Ready to share your idea with the world? The Pitch Deck Creator allows you to build a clearly structured, meaningful pitch deck. The design and content are fully customizable, and you can use it to present online or download it as a PDF or PPT.

Virtual Conferencing Rooms

Do you need to host a live session? Are you worried about the trouble of getting everyone online? Take your hands-on sessions online by booking one of our easy-access virtual conferencing rooms (no need to download anything) and integrating this within your program!

Virtual Conferencing

Team Work

Innovation is rarely an individual endeavor. That is why we created a collaborative team work environment! Invite your team members to your project, use the message board for discussions, or discuss specific tasks through task-specific messaging.