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  • White-labeled platform
  • Intuitive blended-learning setup
  • Easy group creation
  • Quick teacher assistant and learner onboarding
  • Program analytics
  • Blended-learning
  • Effective feedback-loop and integrated evaluation
  • Latest research-based innovation tools

For business educators

“Bizzmoo is an easy-to-use and quick-to-implement white-label solution. First, it allows me to design and deliver blended-learning courses; second, it provides a centralized overview of not only all projects’ deliverables, but also teaching assistants’ evaluations and feedback; and third, it is supporting learners with research-based AI-driven tools for their business model innovation and entrepreneurship projects.”
– Dr. Christima Bidmon, Professor of Digital Business Models at Católica-Lisbon

For educators, it is important to cultivate a community, give feedback, motivate students in the classroom, and allow learner-centered, self-paced, and cost-effective knowledge transfer online. To this purpose, Bizzmoo is offering:

  • Progress overview, for a real-time centralized overview of all projects’ progress.
  • Evaluation and feedback, supporting learners with task-specific evaluation and insightful feedback.
  • Tag-team management, allowing multiple teaching assistants to share the mentoring space and co-mentor different projects.

For business learners

For new learners, it is important to enjoy a flexible, on-demand, unique learning experience that better fits their learning goals and preferences. To this purpose, Bizzmoo is offering:

  • Collaborative team work environment, enabling multiple learners to work remotely and simultaneously on their project.
  • Intelligent business model canvas with an integrated cash flow calculator, for on-the-fly cash flow analysis.
  • AI-based ecosystem benchmarking, leveraging a global database of thousands of companies to automatically evaluate a business model’s competitive ecosystem.
“In general, I was highly satisfied with the blended learning approach. It is nice to have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge within your own pace.”
– Master Student

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